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Microwave Filter | Thermalizer

Designed for mili-Kelvin and sub-mili-Kelvin experiments

Microwave filtering and thermalization of signal wires are two critical ingredients in setting up a sensitive low-temperature experiment. Our compact cryogenic microwave filter and thermalizer (MFT) unites efficient electron thermalization with ultra-strong microwave attenuation.

MFTs consist of a copper or other low-resistivity wire embedded in a highly conductive silver matrix. The silver matrix acts as a heat exchanger ensuring optimal thermalization.

The superior performance of single MFT filters was proven in an experiment that cooled a Coulomb blockade thermometer down to 7.5 mK with a dilution fridge temperature at 5 mK (ref: Scheller et al. APL 2014).

Screenshot 2023-09-04 at 19.06.47.png

Strong attenuation and thermalization
Low capacitance and low resistance

Strong attenuation of >100 dB above 130 MHz

~100 Ω & 2.5 nF @ 4K


~25 mΩ & 2.5 nF @ 4K

Low capacitance for low noise

Low resistance for high current applications

> 1 TΩ resistance to ground

> 100 V maximum applied voltage


Single MFT filters

SMA, MCX connectors or customized
Length 30 mm 
Diameter 6 mm


Compact filter box

25 filters inside

Micro-D connectors

Non-magnetic copper box, gold-plated for best thermal contact

Easy to mount at 10 mK 

30 x 56 x 68 mm, 400 gr 

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