Basel Precision Instruments

Low-Noise Ultra-Stable Electronics for Cutting-Edge R&D

Welcome to Basel Precision Instruments! We develop ultra-low-noise precision laboratory and scientific electronics for applications requiring ultra-high sensitivity, such as low-temperature quantum physics. Our vision is to give researchers a better lens into the quantum world.



Unique Low-Noise Electronics


Low Noise | High Resolution DAC with Leakage Monitoring Box

SP927 / SP1060


Low Noise | High Stability I to V Converter



Low Noise | Low Drift Differential Amplifier



Microwave Filter | Thermalizer



Who We Are


Dr Parisa Fallahi (

Cofounder and CEO

Parisa's exciting multi-year experience as a product manager in a high-tech company inspired her to co-found Basel Precision Instruments to combine her passion for business management with her background in low-temperature physics. Parisa's drive, creativity and broad technical and business experience are essential for the success of Basel Precision Instruments. Parisa holds a PhD from Harvard in Quantum Physics. Before joining the industry, she led research in low-temperature quantum optics as a Post-doctoral fellow and Senior Scientist at the Swiss Federal Institute of Technology (ETH Zurich).


Davide Mastrapasqua

Production Engineer

We were very fortunate to have Davide join our team in the summer of 2019. He brings with him several years of valuable experience in developing prototype electronics for research applications. He is responsible for our production line, increasing production capacity and reducing delivery times.


Sergii Kokhas

Production Engineer

Sergii joined us in the Spring of 2022. Sergii has a master's degree in Electronics from Kyiv Polytechnic Institute in Ukraine and brings with him several years of valuable experience in developing digital electronics.


Prof Dominik Zumbühl


Dominik and his research lab at the University of Basel have inspired Basel Precision Instruments' novel ultra-low noise technologies. Dominik's expertise in low-temperature quantum physics and his talented and motivated research team continue to be a great asset for Basel Precision Instruments.


Michael Steinacher


Michael is an outstanding designer of analogue and digital electronics, with over 450 electronic laboratory instruments in his design portfolio. He is the co-inventor of Basel Precision Instruments' unique technologies. His vast technical know-how, great attention to detail and enthusiasm to train and teach the younger generation of designers is of immense value to Basel Precision Instruments.


Open Positions

Laboratory Assistant/ Electronics Technician

June 2022

We are expanding our production team! Are you interested in being part of a growing high-tech spin-off, working in a dynamic and exciting environment and being part of a small but experienced team of scientists, engineers and entrepreneurs? Are you reliable and motivated? Do you have excellent communication skills? Then please read on and send in your application!


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